What Are Smart Headphones and What Makes Them Special?

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Smart headphones allow you to do more than listen to music.

You may be familiar with smart wearables like smartwatches. But you’re less likely to have encountered smart “hearables.”


Hearable technology, such as smart headphones, allows you to do more than listen to music. They come with a heftier price tag, but more than make up for it with their advanced features. To learn more about smart headphones and why you might want to nab one, read on below.


What Are Smart Headphones?

Smart headphones are high-tech audio devices that allow you to do more than listen to music. Typically, these headphones are wireless and can connect to any Bluetooth device. The main appeal of smart headphones is their extra quality-of-life features like biometrics tracking and live translation.


What’s Smart About Smart Headphones?

At first glance, smart headphones look like regular headphones without any cables. However, beneath the surface, smart headphones have features that no one ever thought regular headphones could have.


Features vary by model, but here are some things most smart headphones can do:



Like ordinary headphones, smart headphones can stream music, calls, and more. With smart headphones, you can listen to voice messages, listen to the news, stream music, etc.


Some smart headphones use gesture recognition to accept or decline incoming calls. So nodding or shaking your head while wearing smart headphones can accept or answer calls, respectively.


Portable Charging

Most smart headphones come with a case. The case isn’t just for keeping your headphones safe. It also doubles as a charging station. So if your headphones are out of juice and you’re on the go, you can pop in your headphones in its case for a few minutes.


Live Translating

Although this feature isn’t mainstream yet, some models offer real-time translation. After hearing a couple of sentences in a foreign language, the headphones will translate the sentences to your native language.


Biometrics Monitoring

Biometrics monitoring is typical of most fitness-oriented smartwatches. However, smart headphones also have this functionality. Some smart headphones can track your blood pressure, heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, etc. These features are fantastic for fitness enthusiasts.


Biometric Identification

The size and shape of your ears are unique to you, just as your fingerprints are. Some higher-end models of smart headphones can tell whether it’s you who’s wearing the earphones.


The headphones can then power on if it detects you, or shut itself down when a stranger puts on the headphones. Of course, you’ll be able to adjust the settings from your phone if you want to lend your smart headphones to your friends.


Final Thoughts

Smart headphones used to be cutting-edge technology that no one even considered buying. But with recent price drops and the addition of more useful features, smart headphones are making their way into the mainstream. If you need headphones and want something that lets you do more than listen to music, smart headphones might be perfect for you.

Source: lifewire.com, familyhandyman.com, which.co.uk | picture: pixabay.com


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