Keep Cats at bay

Try out these natural cats repellents.

If feline visitors are annoying you and your pets, you should first figure out if anyone is caring for those cats. You call their attention, they’re likely to cooperate and keep their cats in line; In case things don’t work out, you’ll need to take some extra steps.

We don’t promote using chemical deterrents to keep cats away; instead, we encourage you to use natural repellents — that you might not have known to be effective — against cats. Check out our list below.

Tap Water

The most natural and harmless way to keep cats from visiting your yard is to spray them with tap water.

Fill a spray bottle and spray your cats when you catch them on your property; one or two squirts should suffice.

Of course, spraying with tap water only works if you catch cats on your property. If you want to keep them away without you having to keep an eye out, one of the other solutions on this list will work better.

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