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Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring if you know these stay-at-home entertainment ideas.

Eating, seeing, doing, drinking, and exploring the outside world — these are some of life’s greatest pleasures. But if you’re stuck at home — whether it’s due to a self-quarantine or another reason — time may seem to crawl to a stop. But not all hope is lost; there are many ways to stay entertained. They look different now, but there are many ways for home entertainment to be fun.

If you can’t pull up to your favorite restaurant, board a plane, or visit your relatives, there are still many ways to stay entertained and stay sane. Check out some of the best stay-at-home entertainment ideas below.

Live a Second Life In Animal Crossing

The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons game on the Nintendo Switch took the world by storm. Since its release, players have immersed themselves in the game’s beautiful landscape.

One of the critical features of the game — the ability to play online with friends — is something that makes staying close to friends while apart far more straightforward; you and your friends can gather in the virtual world and do all sorts of things from growing fruit, exploring, building homes, and planting flowers.

With updated content coming out all the time, Animal Crossing can keep you entertained for hundreds of hours.

Start Exercising

Relaxing on the couch is fun, but it gets boring. So, getting up and getting the blood flowing occasionally is a fantastic idea.

Luckily, you don’t need to visit the local gym to stay fit; there are dozens of exercise programs designed for the home that you can choose from. But the best plan is one that you enjoy and that fits your lifestyle.

Depending on the home workout program you choose, you’ll only need a small space to work with. For example, Pilates and yoga only need a couple of meters of space and a mat to start.

If you can’t find a workout program to follow, consider checking YouTube and IGTV for some options. Many fitness experts post videos of workouts that you can follow along to step-by-step.

Play Remote Drinking Games

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in alcohol alone. But alcohol always tastes better when consumed with friends. So, dust off your finest beverages and gather friends for an online session of drinking games.

Take up YouTube Cooking Classes

Meals can get boring if you don’t eat out and only know a handful of recipes you can cook at home. To take tonight’s dinner to the next level, consider checking cooking tutorials and lessons on YouTube. And even if you’re not planning to follow the recipes, watching other people cook can be soothing.

Revisit Classic Movies

More time at home gives you a chance to re-watch must-see film classics or get through backlogged classics that you never got the opportunity to see.

By “classics,” we mean black-and-white; these are movies from a different era of cinema. To get started, you may consider watching: The Best Years of Our Lives (1964), which shows the effects of war on the soldiers on the winning side; A Face In the Crowd (1957), which offers an insight into the demagogic power of television; Stanley Kubrick’s hit Doctor Strangelove (1964), which satirizes the Cold War fears of a nuclear conflict.

Go on a Virtual Museum Tour

If you love culture and history, immersing yourself in a virtual museum tour is the ideal way to spend your next afternoon. Thanks to advances in technology, spending the day at your favorite museum is possible, even when you’re stuck at home.

You can start by installing the Google Arts and Culture app for iOS and Android. The app lets you see paintings in augmented reality and read up on these masterpieces. Aside from that, you can check out the live streams of the Georgia Aquarium and the Monterey Bay Aquarium so that you can watch the marine life minus the crowds.

Work on Your CV

If you have a few extra hours — or days — on your hands, you can level-up your skills and add them to your professional portfolio.

Now, you don’t need to take extensive and grueling classes; those aren’t entertaining at all. Instead, you can learn new skills in line with your passion, such as interior design, animal behavior, and even mixology.

Masterclass and Coursera are useful websites to visit for high-quality online courses. The courses you’ll find here are led by successful figures and instructors from top universities worldwide.

Play Some (Non-Digital) Games

If you’re lucky enough to be stuck at home with other people, pass the time with some good old-fashioned board games. It would be best if you start with some of the more popular board games so that everyone will already have an idea of how to play. You can start with stuff like UNO, Monopoly, chess, and the like.

Host a Netflix Viewing Party

You and your friends can still watch a movie together as if you’re seated beside each other in the movie theater. If you and your friends all have Netflix subscriptions, you can set a time to watch a movie or show that will synchronize and play simultaneously.

The easiest way to synchronize your screenings is by using a free browser extension called Netflix Party. This web extension lets you and your friends pause and play simultaneously; also, it has a group chat feature that enables you to chat as you watch.

Grow a Mini Garden

Even if all the space you have is your windowsill, you can still bring some flora into your space. There are many veggies and plants you can grow that need little to no maintenance. (We’ve got another article about this on our site.)

Final Thoughts

Although staying at home may sound boring on the surface, you’ll discover a new world of home entertainment if you think creatively. Pick an idea from this guide and give it a try the next time you have a few extra hours to spare.

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