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Foam furniture is stylish, durable, and comfortable.


When you’re out looking for a new sofa, the first things you’ll notice are the sofa’s color and style. But one thing you might overlook is the sofa’s material.


If you’re looking to keep up with trends while having a comfortable sofa, don’t go for wood or other materials. Go for a foam sofa. A sofa is a long-term investment, so you’ll want to make sure it’s made of filling that will stay comfortable for years to come.


If you’d like to learn more about foam furniture and their advantages, read on below.


Foam Filling

Foam is the most common kind of filling for sofas, and it comes in different densities.


High-density foam gives sofas a more firm feeling. Most people don’t choose this option because they find it to be too stiff. Low-density foam in sofas is more popular because of how comfortable it is. The drawback to low-density foam is that it degrades faster than high-density foam.


A more recent option is memory foam. It conforms to the shape of your body and provides support just for you. We’ll talk more in-depth about memory foam later.


What Kind of Foam Is in Most Sofas?

Polyurethane foam is the type of foam found in most sofas. Its softness is ideal for making comfortable pieces of furniture. Despite how soft it is, it provides enough support to prevent people from sinking into the sofa.


Additionally, polyurethane foam is more durable than most other types of sofa fillings. This gives it better value for money.


What Are the Advantages of a Foam Sofa?

Almost any foam sofa owner you ask will tell you their sofa gives them outstanding support. Foam seats provide much more support compared to fiber, but still offers adequate levels of comfort.


What’s more, the foam retains its shape better than fiber. This means that even after you sit on your sofa for a long time, it won’t look deformed. You won’t have to worry about plumping your cushions ever again.


What Is Memory Foam?

If you’ve been window shopping for a good sofa, you’ve heard the term “memory foam.”


What makes memory foam so popular is its ability to mold to the body in response to pressure and heat. It evenly distributes your body weight across the cushions. Once you get up, it quickly returns to its original shape.


Initially, memory foam was used by NASA. NASA’s usage of memory foam is a testament to the comfort and support the foam provides. After it’s initial foray into the aerospace, memory fame became widely adopted in everyday use. It’s used in pillows, sofas, mattresses, and even the soles of shoes.


Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a new sofa, don’t go for a wooden bench. Don’t even go for a sofa with fiber filling. If you want a sofa that marries fashion and functionality, go for a foam sofa. If you want to take things a step further, ask for memory foam. Your back will thank you for it.

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Source: homeguides.sfgate, millersofmontrope, webmd | picture: pixabay

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