Luxurious Home

Live lavishly on a budget. Your home will look expensive & luxurious in no time.

Sprucing up your home costs a lot of money, right? Not necessarily. You can add many small things to your home that make a significant impact and give your home a lavish look.

If you’d like to learn some tips and tricks to make your home look expensive without breaking the bank, read on below.

Paint Trim

Updating trim with a fresh coat of paint can further define these elements and give them a sleek, high-end look.

Cover old-looking woodwork with a new white paint coat or opt for a contrasting trim shade like black.

Hang Art on the Walls

Another quick and affordable way to make your living room and bedroom look upscale is to hang unique artwork on the walls; you may hang family photos or DIY art — either of these looks expensive when paired with an elegant frame.

Before mounting anything, you should take time to figure out where to place everything and how you’ll mount things; make sure the art you choose is the right scale and size for your walls.

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