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Skip the trip to the local carwash. Wash your car at home with ease!

We all want a meticulously cleaned car. A local automatic car wash gives your vehicle a general wash, but it usually isn’t enough to give your car the cleaning it deserves.

Setting aside an afternoon to take the matter of cleaning your car into your own hands ensures that there won’t be any specks and spots that the local automatic carwash might overlook when cleaning.

If you want to learn how to wash your car at home without damaging your vehicle, read our complete guide below.

Check Your Car

Evaluating the condition of your car is a crucial step that most people overlooked. Before starting to clean, you’ll need to determine which parts of your vehicle need extra attention.

If your car isn’t particularly dirty, you can give it a quick touch-up wash. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your car, you may need to provide it with a deep clean.

Gather Your Tools

To make sure you clean your car correctly without damaging it, you’ll need to use the right cleaning tools. Some tools you may want to consider using are a hose with a variable nozzle, a soft sponge, some car washing liquid, and microfiber cloth.

If your car isn’t too dirty, soap and water will do just fine. But if your vehicle has been gathering dust and mud, you’re going to need car wash products specifically designed for cleaning your car.

You’ll also want two buckets: one bucket for your clean water and one for rinsing out your sponge. Having two buckets ensure that you aren’t putting back on your car the grime and filth that you removed using your sponge.

Clean Your Wheels

When washing your car, it’s best to start with the wheels. Wheels collect all sorts of abrasive gunk that you don’t want anywhere near your car paint.

Most wheels will only need soap, water, and a good scrubbing. But if it’s been a while since you last cleaned your wheels, you might want to head to the store and buy a dedicated wheel-cleaning product. The safest choice would be a water-based, non-corrosive wheel cleaner.

Also, be sure to remember to wash around the wheel nuts and scrub the outside tires.

Wash the Headlights

As they age, plastic headlights turn cloudy and yellow. This makes the headlights less effective on the road. Furthermore, grungy headlights can ruin the overall appearance of your car. So, you’re going to want to give your headlights a proper cleaning.

Consider using a headlight restoration kit. These kits are easy to find and typically include a UV-blocking component to protect your headlights from sun damage.

Start by wiping your headlights with your cleaning solution from the kit and rinse it off with a moist cloth. If your kit comes with a protective finish, apply it now.

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