home gym

The DIY movement has spread to gym enthusiasts across the globe; exercise enthusiasts are now making their own gym equipment while saving money at the same time.

If you’re sick of waiting in line for the bench at your local commercial gym but don’t have much money to spare on a decked-out home gym, follow the tips below to start your own DIY home gym.

Large Tractor Tires

This is one of the quickest home gym equipment to get set up, mainly because you don’t need to build anything. Simply visit any tire yard or heavy equipment shop, and they’ll be more than likely to give you a large old tractor tire for free.

The main exercise you’ll be doing with these massive tires is flipping. But you can also use them for farmer’s carries if you wish to do so.

Water Ball

Water balls are like sandbags but are significantly harder to handle. This difficulty makes workouts more effective. Luckily, making them isn’t half as difficult as handling them.

All you need to do is buy an anti-burst exercise ball and fill it with water, leaving some space for air.

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