Use feng shui to improve the energy of your home.

Feng shui is an ancient Eastern art of improving the energy in your home. Nowadays, feng shui is best known as a way to invite prosperity and abundance into your home.

Initially, however, ancient Chinese people used feng shui to optimize safety and well-being. They believed that good feng shui would protect their homes from intruders and other sources of danger.

The beauty of feng shui is that it can adapt to fit the needs of what you need at the moment. Feng shui can serve as both a means for protection and a tool for inviting luck.

If you’d like to leverage feng shui for better protection in your home, here’s what you need to know.

Strong Front Door

Prevention is the best means of protection. A strong, balanced, and stable front door is crucial for the health of your home’s energy.

Keep your front door unobstructed and well-maintained. Additionally, consider adding some material and color choices that may best suit the feng shui of your home. A strong feng shui main door transforms the energy into your home into something strong and powerful.

Solid House Backing

Everybody does better with a sound support system. Hearing your friends tell you that they’ve got your back is reassuring. Likewise, houses need strong backing.

You can put in place solid feng shui backing to your home by adding in a vertical wall garden, backlighting, a rear feng shui garden, and more.

Smart Feng Shui Garden Design

A robust feng shui garden is much more than a serene and relaxing space. The correct use of feng shui principles in your garden creates potent protective energy for your home by feeding it vibrant energy and surrounding it in defensive forces.

You can put feng shui water features, rock formations, and wind chimes in your feng shui garden for starters.

Repelling Bad Neighbors’ Energy

If you have neighbors that are difficult to deal with, you’ve felt their negative energy flowing into your home. Luckily, there are several feng shui cures to keep negative energy outside your property and retain your protection.

Consider adding in tall fencing, reflective surfaces, and a feng shui rock garden.

The Color Red

In feng shui, red is the most auspicious color. This hue symbolizes vitality or our lifeblood. If you use red strategically in your home, you can invite protection and good luck. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Wear the color red
  • Use red accent pieces
  • Paint your primary door red

The Commanding Position

In feng shui, the commanding position is the most powerful position. By placing yourself in the commanding position, you invite luck and protection for yourself.

To be in the commanding position, you want to be set up in such a way that allows you to see the door without turning your head. However, you mustn’t be directly in line with the door. Usually, a position diagonal to the door is the best way to seat yourself.

In terms of feng shui beliefs, being in the commanding position allows you to see what is coming toward you. When you aren’t in the commanding position, you can’t see the door. Thus, someone or something can easily surprise you, leaving you less protected.

To maximize your luck and protection, be in the commanding position when you’re sitting at your desk, lying in bed, and cooking at your stove. These are the most critical locations in your home when it comes to being in the commanding position.

Protectors at the Door

In many cultures, people place different animal symbols at the door to protect the home and invite good luck. In China, you’ll often see a pair of fu dogs, mythical lion-like creatures, at homes’ entrances.

Take into consideration your own culture and personal connections to find out what animals symbolize luck and protection for you. You might choose to use dragons, lions, elephants, or many others.

You aren’t limited to using specific animals as protectors. What’s more important is that your protectors are meaningful to you. Once you’ve decided which protectors to use, place a pair at your front door with one at each side. These become gatekeepers for you and your family.

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