People that sway their bodies while walking often doesn’t have the best stability in their body’s posture. It portrays a weak and helpless personality. The mind and body are fragile, anxiety levels are high and a person appears to be very indecisive. Grounding techniques are very helpful for this body posture type, it will teach how to keep your feet firm on the ground while concentrating on your breathing. Developing strong muscles and body awareness are helpful ways to improve.

Head forward

People who carry their head forward usually are hyperactive and relentless, and generally have hyper personality syndrome. Thus, these people are curious by nature which leads to them carrying their heads forward. It may result in frequent pains and aches because of poor body alignment. The person with this posture usually has a lot on their mind as it is on information overload all the time. To fix the underlying issues of this body posture, frequent but slow head movement exercises, as well as other exercises to help with hyperactivity, would be helpful.

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