foil uses

Everyone is familiar with aluminum foil. It is widely used in the kitchen, but not everyone would think that it can also be used to wrap body parts with it. It may sound strange at first, but it turns to be a great product for daily ailments.

There are many advantages and benefits of wrapping body parts in aluminum foil. For example, it helps with fatigue, painful joints, some aspects of cold, and pain from burns. This is not all, this type of foil has a big list of applications you might need:

  • Urgently need a funnel but can’t find nearby? Fold the foil and make a DIY funnel that will work as well as the original.
  • Noticing that scissors are getting blunt? Take a piece of aluminum foil and just cut it as much as you can. The process sharpens your scissors as the result!
  • Get rid of static cling from your clothes by making a ball of aluminum foil and rubbing it over your clothes. Easy!
  • Use the foil as a sheet to redirect and increase WiFi signals in your home.

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