vinegar feet bath

Foot bath with vinegar packs incredible benefits which makes it a great remedy.

Our feet often don’t get much attention in terms of health and care. Especially for men it can lead to many issues that can take years to heal from. Have you been neglecting your feet? Give yourself a vinegar foot bath treatment and here is why!

Kills sweaty feet odor

We all know how bad feet can smell. This is because of the sweat and bacteria combination that builds up in our feet very fast. Due to our daily lives, we wear socks and shoes, we sweat and it doesn’t take much time for bacteria and sweat to build up. Then you might feel tired and skip the shower. Sometimes you think your feet don’t smell, however, people around you think otherwise. Occasional vinegar feet bath will cleanse your feet from sweat and bacteria that regular water or shower gel would neutralize. Also, it helps in the long run as it slows down the build-up of bacteria.

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