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Research shows that there is a relationship between your hormones and the length of your fingers — more specifically, the difference in length between your fingers.

Your testosterone and estrogen levels are seen through your fingers; these hormones have profound effects on your behavior. And although the links between finger length and personality aren’t too strong, they still manifest in many people — and you could be one of them.

To learn more about your personality, follow our finger guide below:

What Do My Fingers Say?

To see what your fingers say, begin by straightening your left hand.

Ring Finger Longer Than Index Finger

You’re charming.

You exude confidence and charm. So, you’re more likely to take risks — and they often come with high rewards. Some say you may be a bit too aggressive with your risks. But you know deep down that the risks you take are worth it. Professions you can thrive in include salesperson, soldier, and CEO.

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