2. Buy green bananas

When you are in the supermarket, the most convenient way to choose bananas is by their color. Yellow bananas just look tastiest! Still, it’s better to pick the green variant. This way bananas will be ripening, and you could store them even longer!

3. Wrap the stem in plastic foil

There is another easy way to slow down the ripening process of bananas. Simply use some plastic or tin foil to wrap the stems. It works best by separating bananas and wrapping stems individually.

4. Put every ripe banana in your fridge

What? Bananas in the fridge? Does it sound weird to you? Because usually, it is not commonplace to store bananas. Surprisingly, it works well, and storing yellow bananas in the fridge is really helpful. However, it’s not a good idea to do this with green bananas.

5. Freeze your bananas

Next on our list is to freeze your bananas. This tip is great as it works well for smoothies or shakes. It gives an extra freshness to a drink. However, many people get the freezing part wrong. Make sure to peel a banana first and ideally you want to slice it for easier use after taking them out.

6. Buy a banana box

If you are a person who loves taking bananas to work as a snack or part of lunch, you must know that sometimes you put them in a bag yellow and take them out brown. Sounds familiar? Bananas can’t be stored in such a bag, buy yourself a banana box or proper container and it won’t happen again!

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Source: today