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Prune your trees to significantly boost their health.

Pruning refers to the trimming of branches that need to be removed from trees. It may seem like an action with negative consequences. However, pruning benefits both you and your trees if done correctly and for the right reasons.

By the end of the article, you’ll have the knowledge needed to attend to all your home’s pruning needs on your own. Check out the complete guide below.

Why Prune?

1. Prune to Promote Plant Health

When pruning, you’re doing a favor to your tree’s health by:

  • Cutting out dying or dead branches injured by severe insect infestation, disease, animals, storms, or other adverse mechanical damage
  • Removing branches that rub together
  • Taking out branch stubs

2. Prune to Improve Plant Appearance

Pruning allows you to take control of your lawn’s landscape. Your home will look much more beautiful because pruning:

  • Controls plant shape and size
  • Keeps shrubby evergreens well-proportioned and dense
  • Removes water spouts, suckers, unwanted branches, and undesirable fruiting structures that negatively affect plant appearance

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