winter garden

You can build a winter garden in your own backyard.

When the weather becomes too cold or snowy for your usual garden plants, you can opt to build a winter garden in your backyard; they’re easy-to-build and need little to no maintenance.

Contrary to common belief, it’s possible to plant and grow many kinds of seeds during cold months. In fact, a lot of plants thrive in chilly weather.

To learn more about the best plants for your DIY winter garden and how you can keep them safe, read on below.

How Do I Protect My Plants in the Winter?

Unheated Greenhouse

If you have an unheated greenhouse, you can use it in the winter. An unheated greenhouse can help grow a winter garden because it protects the plants from the wind and the cold.

Hot Bed

Using a cold frame or a greenhouse with either artificial heat in it or has been coated in manure is hotbed gardening. Through this, you can generate enough heat to keep your plants warm in the winter.


Blankets don’t only keep people warm in the winter; they can also do the same for your garden. So, if you have any old blankets that you won’t be using anymore, consider using them to cover your plants when it gets icy.

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