Rose Wall Hanging

Even fallen petals can function as decor for any space. Get yourself a rose wall hanging for your wall to serve as the perfect backdrop for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

DIY Ring Plate

Do your kids love arts and crafts? If so, they may wish to help you with this project. You can create a DIY ring plate (for holding jewelry like rings) using oven-baked clay.

To make a heart-shaped ring plate yourself, shape modeling clay in a shallow heart-shaped plate; then, add a decorative edge and etch a message into the plate’s bottom using a sculpting tool. Finally, bake according to the modeling clay’s instructions.

Floral Monogram

For beautiful wall art that you can keep even after Valentine’s Day, consider making a faux floral monogram. To add some flavor to the design, hang the finished product inside a vintage frame. You may also add a string and use the piece as a wreath for your front door.

Glittery Candle Votives

You can transform any small glass vessels you have into table decor for your Valentine’s Day dinner. You may opt to use glue and glitter. If you’d like to take on a more complex design, you can use stickers or washi tape before adding sparkles.

Valentine’s Day Pinata

When you think of Valentine’s Day, pinatas don’t come to mind — but that’s what makes this unique idea so great.

You can create your own Valentine’s Day pinata to hang in your living room. Once the season is over, you may consider letting your kids have a swing at it.

Final Thoughts

Love is in the air. To embrace the season of love for one another, don’t skimp out on Valentine’s Day decorations; take a page from our Valentine’s Day design book and see how you can transform your home.

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