Amazing trick to know!

Knowing how to open a can without a can opener can be lifesaving. It is crucial to possess such skill especially if you are an advanced outdoorsman. Also, in case of an emergency, such survival tips are always great because they can save you. And it is not something complicated to learn, we are pretty sure everyone can master it quickly!

How to use it?

There are two most known ways to open a can without a can opener. For the first one, all you need is a rough surface. For the second, you will need a spoon. However, both require your effort! Luckily, YouTubers like ‘The Crazy Russian Hacker’ and ‘DaveHax’ posted great instructional videos on this matter. In case you are not able to watch the videos, we will provide you with image/text instruction at the end of this article as well.

Way #1:


Instructional Image:

can opener

In summary, this simple ability to open a can without a can opener is very overlooked. You can be the only person in the room who knows that especially with all the tools around us that simplify everything. Thus, it is good to learn such skills to be slightly more independent from commonly used tools.

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Sources: Dotyog, Youtube, ArtOfManliness; Images: ArtOfManliness, Youtube

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