Vinegar To Clean Windows


It is already common knowledge that vinegar is used as cleaning solution in any household. However, did you know that using vinegar to clean windows has other benefits than just sparkling clean windows? Keep reading if you are interested and want to know more about this completely non-toxic and anti-bacterial miracle product.

Reasons to use vinegar to clean windows

Best and cheapest cleaning solution

How many times have you seen commercial cleaning solutions that are overpriced and barely do their job? Well we have a suggestion for you, use vinegar to clean windows and you will be able to save a solid part of your money. Depending on the vinegar you have the ration of water to vinegar will vary as well. However, if you want to use vinegar for cleaning windows, then all you need is to mix 240 ml of water with 240 ml of vinegar. With these two easily accessible components you can make your own cleaning solution for at least half the price that you would pay for expensive brand window cleaner. If you ask me, this is worth spending few minutes to measure and mix water and vinegar.

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