Start disinfecting your home and reduce the risk of spreading viruses.

The coronavirus outbreak taught us that disinfection is a matter of highly importance. We have to constantly disinfect ourselves, our homes, and our belongings to reduce the risk of spreading viruses. If not for our sake, then for the sake of our community.

With that said, we’ve made a detailed guide detailing the steps you can take to disinfect your home. Check it out below.

Wash Your Hands

By now, you’re probably tired of hearing it over and over again. However, the best way to reduce the spread of infectious diseases is truly by washing your hands.

Wash your hands after you cough, touch your face, sneeze, or use the restroom. If you’ve come from somewhere else and have just arrived home, it’s wise to wash your hands upon arrival.

If you can’t make your way to a sink with soap and water, hand sanitizer is a suitable cleaning method. Do note, however, that hand sanitizer is a supplement to washing hands, not a replacement.

Cleaning Around the Home

It is essential to clean and disinfect surfaces in your home, especially those that people come in contact with frequently.

Follow the instructions on the label of your cleaning product for safe and effective use. Also, note the recommended precautions you should take when applying the product. These precautions may include wearing gloves and ensuring you have sufficient ventilation.

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