Why call the plumber for something you can do yourself?

If you’re like most people, the thought of a clogged toilet with your own waste makes you shiver. Instinctively, you may find your hand reaching for your phone to call a plumber. However, that’s not necessary.

Before calling a plumber, why not try your hand at unclogging your toilet? It’s a useful skill and will save you some extra cash. If you want to unclog your toilet like a pro, here’s what you need to know.

Stop the Bowl From Filling Up

When toilets are clogged, water tends to overflow. To prevent this, take the lid off the tank as quickly as possible and close the toilet flapper. The toilet flapper releases water from the tank into the bowl.

You might be worried that one flush might turn into a flood. In this case, take off the top before you press the flusher.

Use the Right Plunger

Now that you’ve gotten the flooding under control, it’s time to bring out your plunger. The best plungers form a good seal between it and the toilet bowl.

Ideally, you’d want to use a funnel-cup plunger. These are the plungers with an added piece that extend from the bottom of the rubber cup.

Add Dishwasher Detergent and Hot Water

Before you start plunging, you’re going to want to take an extra step. Most people often skip over this step, but it’s quite useful.

Add a couple of cups of hot water into the toilet before you plunge. Then, let it settle for a few minutes. The hot water breaks up any of your waste and makes unclogging the toilet much more manageable. The detergent also serves the same purpose while keeping everything smelling pleasant.

If you’re lucky, the hot water and detergent will be enough to break up all masses clogging the toilet. If this is the case, you won’t even need to bring out a plunger anymore.

Plunge Correctly

Stick the plunger in the toilet and form a solid seal over the exit hole. You should feel some strong suction.

Then, give a few good tugs on the plunger and flush the toilet. You may need to repeat this sequence a few times to unclog your toilet fully.

Final Thoughts

You now know all there is to know about unclogging your toilet on your own. In rare cases, when the toilet is clogged by “non-organic” objects, such as toys and other knick-knacks, unclogging the toilet becomes tricky. When that happens, then it would be wise to call a plumber sooner rather than later.

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Source: popularmechanics, artofmanliness | picture: needpix

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